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Tamagotchi Friends Apparel and KuKee Experience Coming Soon!



LOS ANGELES (June 3, 2014) – Bandai America Incorporated and Sync Beatz Entertainment today announced that the innovative apparel company Evy of California will be applying its KuKee™ technology, which provides consumers with a customized interactive augmented reality (AR) experience, to Bandai’s girls-targeted Tamagotchi® Friends™ fashion line.

The relationship between Bandai and Evy was forged as part of the new Tamagotchi brand licensing program which includes Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.™ as well as Tamagotchi Friends.

For the first time, fans of Tamagotchi will be able to utilize KuKee – a fun, free app that activates unique AR on iOS devices – to unlock an enhanced experience which creates animated Tamagotchi-like characters. By simply downloading the KuKee app and scanning the unique marker embedded in a creative line of Tamagotchi-branded fashion apparel, as well as markers featured on a collectible poster available in packages of Bandai’s new Tamagotchi Friends product line, consumers can create customized illustrated self-portraits complete with distinctive Tamagotchi Friends fashion elements on a digital Dream School student ID card, which they can share via social media.

Bandai’s all-new Tamagotchi Friends Digital Friends device represents the newest iteration of the popular digital toy.  The iconic egg-shaped devices feature fashionable trend-inspired designs on the outside, along with new characters to raise in new experiences on the inside.  One of the most unique features of the new Digital Friends device, distinctive from the classic Tamagotchi toys of years past, is an all-new short range communication function enabling owners to “bump” another Digital Friends device.  This allows the characters to go on play dates and interact with characters outside their own device, as well as allowing owners to share texts with friends.  This new product line will launch in the U.S. and Canada in the 3rd Quarter of 2014.

Branded markers will also be part of the Evy of California Tamagotchi Friends clothing line, adding to the interactive experience that has been associated with the Tamagotchi brand since its introduction in 1996.  This fall, Evy of California will release a new fashion line of girls’ apparel incorporating its KuKee technology along with artwork and imagery inspired by the digital egg-sperience that launched a worldwide sensation and sold 79 million Tamagotchi devices.  Evy’s new line of active wear, dresses, fleece, T-shirts, pants, shorts, skirts and sweaters is targeted to be rolled out at U.S. and Canadian retailers later this year.

Always at the cutting edge of design, Evy of California first implemented KuKee in 2013.  Its “Activated Apparel” line uses augmented reality to provide consumers with an engaging added value through an integrated digital layer of technology.

“Since its beginning, the Tamagotchi brand has been known for innovation in the interactive space,” said Paul Fish, Senior Vice President, Brand Management, Bandai America Incorporated. “Wearable technology such as ’Smart Clothes’ are the future. We’re excited to have the chance to continue to create a fresh and fuller experience for our fans using KuKee technology through our partnership with the truly fashion-forward Evy of California.”

“We are excited about creating a seamless experience between the core toy functionality and a truly novel consumer products approach,” said Jeffrey Fisher, VP of Licensing, Strategic Marketing and New Business Development, Evy of California.  “It’s about having fun and creating unique product offerings that expand our company’s creativity.”

For more information on the brand and upcoming apps, visit the Website at http://TamagotchiFriends.com/.