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Tamagotchi Friends™ now in Toys “R” Us stores!

Digital Devices, Collectible Figurines and Playsets Now Available Exclusively at Toys “R” Us Across Canada

You may have seen Tamagotchi Digital Friends in their six fun designs at your local Toys “R” Us store, but have you seen the Tamagotchi Friends collectible figurines and playsets? You can now play with the Tamagotchi Friends characters in a whole new way!

The Tamagotchi Friends Character Packs feature six different Tamagotchi Friends characters, while the Character Plus Packs include unique accessory pieces to play out each character’s personality.

The Dream School Classmates Multipack brings together five Tamagotchi Friends characters, each representing a different Dream Class – Music, Beautician, Robot, Chef and Performance – that real girls dream of becoming too. The Dream School Classmates Multipack feature unique packaging that allows girls to bring the characters with them wherever they go!

Three different playsets allow girls to recreate their favorite scenes from the Tamagotchi Friends webisodes.

The TamaMori Accessory Shop set comes with the Tamagotchi Friends character Kiramotchi and three stackable hats/crowns. The Performing Arts Stage set comes with Tamagotchi character Yumemitchi, and a microphone and keyboard for her next performance.

The two-level Dream Town Music Café Playset comes with a Tamagotchi Friends Pianitchi figure. Upstairs Pianitchi can sit and play on her digital music device. At the café downstairs, the Tamagotchi Friends characters can chat, drink tea and eat desserts, and head outside to the real working swing for two figures to share.

Don’t forget to visit www.TamagotchiFriends.com to see all your favourite Tamagotchi Friends webisodes, character bios, interactive games and more!